140 years and counting

Do you have a story to tell?



We believe that our community has got some interesting stories to tell about working the industry and how much things have changed.

As part of our 140th anniversary celebrations we’re on the lookout for interesting stories from our community to publish on our website and in a special edition of Financial World to be published later on in the year.   


Please read the following guidelines and submit your story below.


We want to hear about your memories and experiences, especially since becoming a member.

Whether it is the first day of joining the bank or your experience studying with us - we would love to hear about it.


  1. Keep it short - between 300 and 400 words is perfect.
  2. Keep it upbeat. We want to celebrate the industry as well as our past.
  3. Stories need to be original and your own work.
  4. All submissions will be reviewed before being published and may be edited for length, grammar or style.


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