Case StudyFrank

Frank Medcalf


Frank Medcalf has been a member with us since 1978.

What year did you join the industry?

I joined Lloyd’s Bank in 1976. Banking was still seen as a profession and to get into management you needed your Institute exams.

As a customer account manager I had two-yearly human resources (HR) meetings. Their set patter was “well, as soon as you get your exams – or by age 35 – we will consider you for a management role”.

We all got told the same except for one of my colleagues was already 35-years-old. So when he told HR this during his interview, they just said to him, “Well in two years we will consider you.”

How did you find the experience of study and working full-time?

Studying and working full time wasn’t an issue. I was studying with a young family at home. The Bank were very supportive. We would get one day a week off for studying and then a week before the exams to study.

To some extent working and studying helped. Because when you were doing the work that the exams related to, it made sense.

Any special memories or stories about taking your banking exams?

For me, my memories with a young family are of going to Kings Lynn Library to do my studying so that I had peace and quiet! I didn’t pass Banking 1 and 2 first time.

We had day-release to the local college and our tutor was an ex-banker! Unfortunately we didn’t stand a chance as he didn’t cover the whole syllabus. The depth of what we covered wasn’t good.

It was only when I used the distance-learning materials that I got the depth of content and covered the full syllabus. Then I passed.