Louise-Kiernan-at-graduationThe story of

Louise Kiernan

Louise Kiernan was awarded a scholarship in 2015 in her first year of studying a BSc (Hons) in Finance and Accounting for Financial Services. She tells us how your donations have helped with her education and her career.

What did receiving the scholarship mean to you?

I’d worked extremely hard on my A-levels so to be recognised for my results was great. The money was a huge reward that I wasn’t expecting and made a big difference with regards to travelling costs.

How did you find studying at The London Institute of Banking & Finance?

It was great for me as it isn’t the same as a traditional university. I was able to have one-on-one time with tutors which made me feel supported.

It was great to be in smaller classes as we got to bond well and build a relationships with the tutors. I liked that the course was more challenging than any other academic course I have done. The quantitative methods and economics modules pushed me the most.

The Institute provided so many opportunities to develop skills and networking opportunities which aren’t available in many other universities. The tools I gained have definitely helped me in my career.

You graduated in 2018. What have you been doing since then? And did the scholarship help?

I have almost completed my first finance graduate placement with Lloyds Bank. I will be moving into my second placement in June.

Also, I am working towards completing the ACA qualification with the ICAEW and have already completed the first certificate level.

The scholarship looked great on my CV and was a very good talking point at interviews. It was a way of standing out from the crowd. It motivated me more to work hard and complete my degree to the best of my abilities.

Are you enjoying working in finance?

Yes. It is a challenging career which means there are many opportunities for development and growth. I learn something new everyday. I enjoy being stretched and problem-solving, which is exactly what a career in finance gives me.

What would you say to anyone who is thinking of donating to the Alumni Fund?

The scholarship is a great way of rewarding and recognising students for their hard work and achievements.

Also, it acts as a great motivator throughout university and can open doors to a range of opportunities. I definitely think it made my CV stand out and it is greatly appreciated

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