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Financial World

Financial World is our journal, published in association with the Centre for The Study of Financial Innovation (CSFI). Available to students, members and subscribers, it brings together thought-provoking research and commentary on the structure and development of the domestic and international financial services sector and the wider economy.

Digital and audio

The digital edition of Financial World is set up to be easy to access on both desktop and mobile, with lots of links to background articles and papers. It also has an audio version.

With the audio version, you can relax and listen to Financial World articles at any time, in any place that suits you – while going for a walk, preparing dinner, or with your eyes closed after a long day.

We hope you enjoy reading – and listening to – Financial World.

Stayin’ alive amid the shocks

Warwick Lightfoot looks back at what caused stagflation in the 1970s and examines whether that period of economic setbacks has any lessons for UK policy in the 2020s.

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Managing the new inflation

William Allen explains why there needs to be the first serious tightening of monetary policy since before the financial crisis and looks at what that is likely to involve.

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True love scams that never die

Charanjeet Singh highlights some online dating scams and explains how mobile banking apps can be improved to give greater protection for users against such fraudsters.

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