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Financial World

Financial World is our quarterly digital magazine, published in association with the Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation (CSFI). Available to students, members and subscribers, it brings together thought-provoking research and commentary on the UK and international financial services sector and the wider economy.

Digital and audio

The digital edition of Financial World is set up to be easy to access on both desktop and mobile, with lots of links to background articles and papers. It also has an audio version.

With the audio version, you can relax and listen to Financial World articles at any time, in any place that suits you – while going for a walk, preparing dinner, or with your eyes closed after a long day.

We hope you enjoy reading – and listening to – Financial World.

Forget the gloom. It's not all bad

Kevin Gardiner looks on the bright side and believes that, despite what many economists 
say, there are grounds for optimism about economic growth

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Can financial services drive growth?

Martina Garcia argues that it is wrong to assume a larger financial services sector will
lead to more economic growth for the UK

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Paying the price for loss of habitat 

Emmanuel Monnier examines the difficulties of trying to put an economic value on the loss 
of biodiversity caused by the destruction of natural ecosystems

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