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Chartered status

Professional Experiential Route

Reflect on your career, take stock of your experience and gain chartered status with our Professional Experiential Route (PER). 

Professional women talking in meeting

Use your professional experience to become chartered

Chartered status is the highest level of professional excellence a finance professional can reach – and you could be closer to achieving it than you think.

If you're an experienced banking professional, you probably have more expertise than you realise. But how often have you had time to review your successes or what you might have done differently with hindsight? 

PER is your chance to do just that – only with the support of a personal tutor. It’s a flexible route to chartered status that you can fit around your other commitments.

If you have at least ten years relevant industry experience – including a minimum of five in banking and finance – you’re eligible to apply.

PER is Level 6 and therefore degree equivalent. That, along with chartered status, will open the door to new opportunities.

Chartered status comes with an eye-catching digital badge, which you can use on your website and in other digital communications. Existing and prospective clients can click on this to see the skills, knowledge and ethos that your chartered status demonstrates.


"As a relationship manager, you deal with other professionals on a regular basis – accountants and solicitors who all have professional qualifications. Having achieved a chartered qualification underlines your professionalism and experience."

Sarah Drake

Becoming chartered through a reflective process? 

You’ll have a year to complete PER, although it’s possible to do it in as little as three months. However long you take, your tutor will support you every step of the way. You’ll choose the topics that interest you and focus on your own specialisms. 

If successful, you’ll choose four topics that interest you:

With your tutor, you'll be able to break down the work into manageable chunks and create a schedule that suits you. Over the PER process, you’ll:

  • choose, then analyse, key moments in your career
  • reflect on what you’ve learnt in your working life
  • demonstrate your skills and technical knowledge, and
  • submit four pieces of coursework.

Your tutor will support you as you conceive and write each piece of coursework. You’ll also get feedback after each submission so that you become progressively more familiar with – and better able to complete – the tasks ahead of you.


During your studies, you'll have access to:

  • up to ten hours of tutor support
  • help choosing and demonstrating your professional knowledge and experience, and
  • guidance on how to effectively reflect on your practices.

While studying with us, you’ll automatically become a Member of The London Institute of Banking & Finance (MLIBF). That means you’ll also have access to our global professional networking events and careers support.



You’ll complete four reflective pieces of coursework – each about a specific working experience and what you have learned from it. These will be approximately 3,000 to 3,500 words each and assessed by two assessors, including an industry practitioner.

What are the benefits of doing PER instead of qualifications?

Everybody is different. Some people will prefer to follow the Professional Qualifications Framework.

However, PER is a much more personal process. And if you don’t enjoy exams, PER allows you to gain professional recognition for your achievements and the knowledge you’ve gained throughout your banking career.

Before you apply

If you would like to discuss the PER process in more detail before you apply email corporate@libf.ac.uk and a member of our team will be in touch.