Online structured CPD Terms and conditions

  • Registration gives the user access to this online structured continuing professional development (CPD) topic for 12 calendar months from the time of registration. 

  • If registration is cancelled within seven days the user will be entitled to receive a full refund. 

  • Access is for personal use only. 

  • LIBF reserves the right to suspend access where it has reason to suspect that a user has shared their login details with a third party. Where such sharing is proven, we will cancel access without issuing a refund. 

  • Where registration or access is cancelled in accordance with the conditions above, LIBF will not accept completion of all or any of this CPD in any application to LIBF for a Statement of Professional Standing. In addition, the user must not, in such circumstances, represent to any other Accredited Body (AB) that the user has completed any of this CPD. If LIBF is approached by any other AB for confirmation of completion of this CPD in relation to an application for a Statement of Professional Standing, LIBF will not confirm to such other AB that any of this CPD has been completed. 

  • LIBF believes this e-learning meets the standards set by the FCA for structured CPD for retail investment advisers in terms of level, relevance to the examination standards and learning verification.  

  • It is, however, the responsibility of the user to determine whether the CPD is appropriate to meet their CPD obligations.

  • You can reclaim any tasks/activities you undertook more than 12 months ago.

  • If you intend to apply for a Statement of Professional Standing from an AB other than LIBF, you are advised to confirm with that AB that they will accept the e-learning as CPD before you register. 

  • LIBF accepts no responsibility for any loss, disciplinary or legal action or removal of an individual's licence to practise as a result of the use of this service.