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Trade and transaction banking CPD for trade finance professionals

If you hold CDCS, CSDG, CSCF or CTFC qualifications you need to stay on top of your continuing professional development (CPD).

To maintain professional standards and meet recertification requirements, you need to do 36 hours of CPD over a period of three years, or six years if you’re a CDCS Advocate.

This page covers recertification, CPD activities, and how to log your CPD hours – as well as how to become a CDCS Advocate.

Logging your CPD hours

MyCPD is an online tool – for members and those in the recertification cycle – to log their CPD hours and maintain an accurate CPD record.

To use MyCPD, log into your MyLIBF account, and please be sure to keep your email address up to date under the MyDetails tab.

Login to MyLIBF

Recertification and Handook

Your designations remain valid for three years after passing your exam.

If you hold CDCS, CSDG, CSCF or CTFC, you can recertify by:

  • either completing the recertification carrying out continuous professional development (CPD) throughout the recertification period, or

  • retaking and passing the full exam for the qualification designation you want to keep using.

Recertification Handbook

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You’ll find more information on suitable CPD activities below, but please note that one hour of learning is equal to one CPD learning hour.

  • For CDCS, CSDG and CSCF, your CPD activities need to relate to trade finance.

  • For CTFC, they should relate to trade finance compliance.

Our trade finance recertification process guidebook includes all the detailed information and guidance you need including:

  • details of CPD activities available

  • the dates of recertification cycles, and

  • information on how to calculate and log your CPD hours.

Progression in trade finance

We’ve been running the CDCS Advocate programme for many years and are now extending it to CTFC, CSCF and CSDG. Once you've completed five recertification cycles, we’ll present you with Advocate status automatically. This includes:

  • an extended recertification period – you’ll only have to recertify every six years instead of every three

  • a pin badge and certificate, and

  • the right to use the Advocate designation after your name.

Diploma for Qualified Trade Finance Specialists

If you prefer to complete your CPD by studying trade finance qualifications, you may consider working towards the Diploma for Qualified Trade Finance Specialists (QTFS).

To qualify you need to successfully complete at least three qualifications in trade finance and transaction banking. Please check the requirements using the link below.

More about QTFS

Sustainability in trade finance

Do you want to improve your knowledge on sustainability in international trade? Coastline Solutions have put together an online training programme to help you learn about sustainability issues, governance and best practices. CDCS, CSDG and CSCF holders can earn 12 CPDs towards recertification.

Register today

CPD activities

Everyone’s learning style is different, so we – and our partners – offer CPD in different formats to help you find CPD that suits you, including:

  • webinars

  • podcasts

  • insights, comment and analysis

  • accredited external courses offered by our partners

  • Financial World magazine.

As a trade finance qualification holder, you will also receive a quarterly e-newsletter with the latest news, webinars, podcasts and insights to help you stay on top of your CPD.

For CDCS, CSDG and CSCF your CPD activities (webinars/podcasts/articles etc) should relate to trade finance and should enhance your existing knowledge

For CTFC, they should relate to trade finance compliance.

You will also be able to earn CPD learning hours by completing other LIBF Trade & Transaction Banking qualifications, see page 11 of our Trade Finance recertification process guidebook for more details.

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Our events have gone online for the time being, but we’re still running webinars – including on trade finance. If you miss one of our webinars, you’ll find it available to watch on our dedicated page.

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We offer you exclusive access to thought leaders around the world and fantastic opportunities to network with others in your field with our webinar events. Sign up to our mailing list for more information.

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Stay ahead in the world of trade finance with our dedicated podcasts featuring interviews and insights from leading figures in the sector.

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For regular comment and analysis on the latest developments in trade finance – including interviews with senior industry figures – go to our Insights section.

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External accredited courses

We have a list of accredited events, programmes and courses offered by partners that can count towards your CPD. The content is related to international trade finance – and meets the requirements set out in our guidance.

Find out more
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Financial World

Financial World magazine brings together thought-provoking research and commentary on the structure and development of the domestic and international financial services sector and the wider economy.

Financial World

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