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Your professional studies Exam and assessment information

All the information you need for booking your exam or assessment

We assess our candidates in different ways according to the qualification. You may be asked to:

  • take a Pearson VUE electronic exam

  • sit a session-based exam

  • submit coursework or

  • undergo a combination of assessments.

You'll find the assessment information you need on the relevant qualification page and, once you've registered, in your MyLIBF account.

Depending on your qualification, you may sit an exam at a test centre or via remote invigilation at home.

For all on-demand multiple choice Pearson VUE exams – either with remote invigilation through OnVue, or at a Pearson VUE centre – you’ll have to:

  • book your exam directly with Pearson VUE

  • wait at least two hours after registering before booking your exam, so that Pearson VUE’s system can update with your details.

We recommend booking at least two months before your registration expires.

For all session-based exams – you’ll find the date of your session-based exam in your MyLIBF. You can choose whether to take your exam remotely or at a test centre. You’ll have to:

  • book your test centre directly with Pearson VUE for the specified exam date and time for your study session or

  • contact us to book a remote invigilation exam. We will let you when you are able to do this.

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If you have any questions about our professional qualifications in finance and banking, please contact our customer services team.

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