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Certified Mortgage Adviser

If you're a Member of LIBF (MLIBF) – and actively advising on mortgages or equity release – you’re eligible for Certified Mortgage Adviser status.

Do your clients know what a great mortgage adviser you are?

Certified Mortgage Adviser (CMA) is a mark of professional competence that will help you stand out from your peers:

  • on social media

  • on your website

  • in your email signature, and

  • on the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Register if your membership’s been included.

It's free to our members in the mortgage advice industry.

Digital credentials

Certified Mortgage Adviser (CMA) digital badge.

CMA status comes with an eye-catching digital badge, which you can use on your website and in other digital communications. Existing and prospective clients can click on this to see the skills, knowledge and ethos that your CMA status demonstrates.

Becoming a Certified Mortgage Adviser

You’re eligible for CMA status if you:

  • hold an appropriate LIBF qualification to advise on mortgages or equity release

  • are actively advising clients, with appropriate permission showing on the FCA Register, and

  • are a member of LIBF.

If you hold CeMAP – and are a member with active mortgage adviser permissions on the FCA Register – we’ll contact you to let you know you’ve achieved Certified Mortgage Adviser status.

If you're not currently a Member (MLIBF), you can apply for membership, which brings additional benefits for an annual fee of only £90 a year.

Your CMA will last until it’s time to renew your membership and then will be reviewed. You will be invited to renew your membership and retain CMA status before your membership expiry date.

CMA is only available to those who appear on the FCA register as “giving regulated mortgage advice” at the point of application. We will recheck this status when we renew your CMA.

If you’re not currently advising but are looking to win recognition for professional development, why not consider CeMAP Professional?


There’s no charge for CMA if you’re already a Member of LIBF (MLIBF).

If you’re not an MLIBF, you’ll need to apply for membership, which costs £90 a year.


CMA status is a benefit of LIBF membership, so to attain it you need to be one of our members.

We may need to ask you for your FCA Individual Reference Number (IRN) when you apply for membership.

Apply for membership

Frequently asked question (FAQ)

Contact us about your membership

If you have any questions about our membership, please contact our membership team by emailing membership@libf.ac.uk.