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LIBF blog Why choose cyber security as a career?

4 March 2024

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Considering a leap into cyber security? Here's why it could be a golden opportunity for your next career move:

  • Cyber security professionals protect individuals, businesses and governments from digital attacks, making every day meaningful.

  • A global skills shortage exists with 3.5 million cyber security positions unfilled, reflecting high demand for skilled professionals.

  • Cyber security careers offer competitive salaries, with opportunities for career progression unlocking higher earning potential.

  • Diverse opportunities in roles from ethical hacking to leadership positions allow you to personalise your career path to your interests.

  • The digital defence landscape offers the flexibility of remote work, allowing you to keep pace with emerging technologies from wherever you are.

Unlock your potential, secure the future

What is cyber security?

Cyber security is the field of protecting computer systems, networks, and programs from digital attacks. This is critical because digital attacks can cause data breaches, leak personal information, destroy digital privacy, and impact the economy by targeting insecure businesses and infrastructure.

Cybersecurity professionals work to mitigate the risks of these attacks by implementing robust security strategies that often involve multiple layers of protection spread across computers, networks, programs, or data that needs to be kept safe. By defending against cyber attacks, cyber security professionals help prevent financial losses, protect sensitive information, and ensure the continuity of critical services.

Is cyber security a good career?

Imagine a job where every day brings new challenges and victories, while significantly impacting society.

As more aspects of our lives become connected, becoming a cyber security professional is a chance to play a critical role in safeguarding the digital future of the world and experience a career brimming with opportunities, rewards, and a profound sense of purpose.

From high-paying job opportunities to the thrill of working at the forefront of technological innovation and exploring your passions through security specialisms, there are many factors that make cyber security a great career to embark on.

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6 reasons to choose cyber security as a career

Cyber security is a dynamic field buzzing with opportunities, growth, and the unmatched satisfaction of knowing that, as a cyber security professional, you're a key player in securing our online life.

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1. Make a real world impact

Choosing a career in cyber security is about standing guard over what truly matters. It’s about protecting lives, safeguarding freedoms, and ensuring the well-being of communities worldwide. Every day, you’d have the chance to make a huge difference and, in turn, work in a field that offers real job satisfaction.

A career in cyber security offers that deep, rewarding feeling that comes from knowing you’re part of the reason the digital world is a safer place for us all.

If you’re looking for a path that leads to real impact, where your actions protect and empower, then cyber security is for you.

2. Fill the skills shortage for cyber security experts

As our world turns increasingly digital, everyone from big businesses to governments and individuals depends more on online spaces. This shift means there's a high demand for skilled cyber security professionals – a demand that is on the rise.

In 2023, the UK Government reported an annual increase in cyber security job postings of 30% – a total of 160,035 vacancies in one year. And this is in the UK alone. According to the 2023 Official Cybersecurity Jobs Report, there are 3.5 million vacant cyber security jobs globally, a number that they predict to remain stable through to 2025.

So, if you've ever considered stepping into the shoes of a cyber hero, there's never been a better time to make that leap.

50% of all UK businesses have a basic cyber security skills gap, while 33% have an advanced skills gap.

Cyber security skills in the UK labour market 2023, UK Department for Science, Innovation and Technology

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3. Boost your average salary

With the ever-growing demand for cyber security experts, you're not just stepping into an exciting career but also a well-paid one.

Starting out in the UK? Below are the average salaries*, according to uk.indeed.com, for typical cyber security roles:

  • cyber security analyst: £48,937

  • cyber security manager: £50,756

  • cyber security consultant: £67,443.

As you develop advanced or specialist technical skills, and even management skills, there could be further opportunities to boost your salary. In their 2023 report, Cyber security skills in the UK labour market, the UK Department for Science, Innovation and Technology found 17% of cyber jobs posted between January and December 2022 offered salaries between £85,000 and £350,000.

*Average salary information from uk.indeed.com is correct as of April 2024.

4. Embrace diverse career opportunities

Where some fields offer a narrow path, cyber security is a dynamic field full of possibilities. Whether you're all about cracking codes as an ethical hacker or steering the ship as a chief information security officer, cyber security has a spot for you.

Its wide array of roles means you can find your niche and design a career that’s as unique as you are, filled to the brim with personal victories and growth.

Fortinet's 2023 Cybersecurity Skills Gap Report shows the top five skills needs global employers are looking for:

  • cloud security

  • cyberthreat intelligence

  • malware analysis

  • secure system operations

  • cybersecurity foundations

The UK Department for Science, Innovation and Technology's Cyber security skills in the UK labour market put the top recurring job titles among cyber roles advertised as:

  • security manager

  • security engineer

  • security analyst

  • security consultant

  • security architect

5. Defend the global digital landscape from home

In their 2023 report, Cyber security skills in the UK labour market, the UK Department for Science, Innovation and Technology identified 28% of cyber roles advertised in the UK as either remote or 'UK-wide'. This means if you're looking for a role that will help you seamlessly balance work and home life while making a real difference in the world, cyber security could be the perfect field for you.

The same report also showed that remote cyber job listings increased by 21% from 2021 – implying a growing trend in the opportunities to work from home within this field.

Woman with headset at multiple monitors, working on security business analysis.

6. Develop expertise in new technologies

Every day, new tech is born, and with it, new threats that demand smarter defence strategies. This constant cycle of development ensures that cyber security professionals never find themselves stuck in a rut.

If you thrive on being at the cutting edge and enjoy unpicking the puzzles of the digital age, then cyber security won't just be your career. It'll be your playground, a space where your brain is always engaged and your skills never stop evolving.

How to kickstart your career in cyber security

Starting a career in cyber security typically involves gaining a foundational understanding of information technology and security. Pursuing relevant education, such as a degree in cyber security, and acquiring hands-on experience through internships or entry-level positions, are common pathways into this field.

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