Level 3 Certificate in SME Lending and Alternative Data (CSME)

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Certificate in SME Lending and Alternative Data Level 3 (CSME)

Discover the transformative effect of alternative data with our CSME free trial offer


Alternative data is transforming SME lending across the globe. In both mature and emerging markets, it offers the opportunity to bridge the credit gap, expanding access to finance for small businesses and increasing portfolios.

Knowing how to harness its power can be challenging - you need to be sure of what data to use, and how to use it responsibly without increasing risk.

Our Certificate is the first to combine SME Lending procedures with rigorous alternative data analysis. It helps you build the expertise and skills required to use alternative data effectively, and make better judgements about lending appetite and which SMEs to support.

But don't just take our word for it. Benefit from a 30 day free trial, giving you access to CSME eLearning course material and see the true value of this qualification for yourself!

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Certificate in SME Lending and Alternative Data Level 3 (CSME) 

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