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Banking Qualifications

Two women in a classroom

Our banking qualifications certificates, diplomas and awards have been developed in consultation with industry employers to provide the knowledge and insights needed to perform effectively and responsibly. 

The banking conduct qualifications have been specifically designed to develop the skills and understanding of customer-facing staff in the areas of retail and business banking while our Chartered Associate and Professional Diploma qualifications provide clear pathways of progression for professionals seeking to build management careers or aspiring to senior positions.

Young professional listening in meeting

Transitional Arrangements 

The new framework includes a suite of new qualifications in banking and finance which replace our undergraduate degree programmes in Banking Practice & Management.

Under the  transition phase, existing modules from these programmes are available to study with the credits counting towards the  requirement at the relevant stage (Professional and Expert). The module credits are validated within the Framework for Higher Education Qualifications (FHEQ). A schedule of qualification development is underway to validate these Higher Education modules as qualifications in their own right.

Read more information on the transition phase for existing students