Digital Badge 

A digital badge is more than an online indicator of accreditation. It’s a guarantee of your professional standing that gives customers confidence in your professionalism.

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What is a digital badge?

A digital badge is an eye-catching, visual indicator of achievement – awarded free of charge when you earn a professional designation – that you can add to your online presence and marketing materials.

We award digital badges for several designations and professional achievements, including:

  • Certified Professional in Financial Advice
  • Certified Mortgage Adviser
  • Chartered Associate
  • Chartered Fellow
  • Qualified Trade Finance Specialist
  • Certified Fintech Practitioner
  • CeMAP Professional
  • CeMAP Advanced Professional.

You can see full list of LIBF digital badges on the Credly website.

What your digital badge will look like 

sample-chartered-fellow-digital-badge          trade-finance-specialist-sample-badge

    Later life lending digital badge    


How a digital badge can help you

Because a digital badge is so visual, it stands out much more than the letters after your name.

It tells the world of your professional achievement and demonstrates your commitment to ongoing professional development. If someone wants to check your professional standing, they can click on your digital badge to view the skills, knowledge and ethos that your designations demonstrate.

Digital badges also allow customers to quickly and easily find out:

  • what a finance professional's designations really mean, and
  • whether their designations are up to date.

This instils confidence in customers and enables you to stand out among your peers.

What happens when you’re awarded a digital badge

You’ll receive an email from Credly – a Pearson company and leader in digital credentials who administer our digital badges. This email will include the information you need and a link to the Credly webpage where you can claim your badge and set up your account.

Most badge holders find setting up their digital badge easy, but if you need assistance you’ll find plenty of help on the Credly website.

How to share your digital badge

One of the best things about digital badges is sharing them. They’re made so that you can easily add them to:

  • your website
  • your email signature, and
  • social media profiles.

You’ll find instructions on how to share your badge on email and different social media platforms on the Credly website.

However, if you prefer not to share your digital badge, you can configure your privacy settings in the Credly platform accordingly. You’re in complete control.

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